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This will be the post in which I chronicle the proceedings of the CUIP and NASA’s Astronomy across the wavelengths. After retuning from a nice camping trip out of town, I have come back to the first week of our online class having already took place.

The second week of the class was focused on sources of Electromagnetic Radiation and the methods of detection of these sources. Specifically, we looked at the materials that would act as filters and would allow transmission through the materials.

While many of the materials we looked at were very similar to the versions of this lab I ran in college, one of the major changes is the smartphone. A smartphone has a camera on it that uses a charge-coupled device (CCD), which detects the incoming photons. This is used every day to detect the bands of visible light in the Red, Green, and Blue wavelengths, but what I had found most interesting was that the camera on a cell phone would detect the photons of a remote control and display on the LED screen of the camera. Now you too can carry around your own infrared detector!

3 thoughts on “First Post

  1. It was awesome learning that we carry around infrared detectors in our pockets daily.

  2. It really is fun to play with your camera phone. I was sitting with my camera phone propped up and was flashing a remote control at it. I would look at the remote with my eyes – NO Light; then I would look point it at the camera and WaLaa!! Light was flashing from the remote.

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